Experimental Facility Reservations (not real)


Please select the link for the facility (room) below to begin your reservation. You will be prompted to create a log in name in order to fill out the reservation form, if you don't already have one. Please only fill in your full name and email address, for security reasons we ask you don't include a photo or any other personal information. Once you've created your user name you will receive an email to verify your account. Open the email and follow the instructions, it will bring you back to our site where you will be able to create your password. Once you have created your password, you can then log in to continue your reservation. 

Select the Facility you wish to reserve, you will be routed to the Facility page of the requested room,  click the Reserve button and fill out the reservation form. You will be notified by email on the status of your reservation. 

Not certain if your group or organization may use a Town Facility? Check our Use of Town Facilities Policy

For additional information regarding these locations, please contact the following:

Conference Room A, Council Chamber & Employee Lounge: Town Clerk’s Office: 860-429-3302

Conference Room B
For scheduling events that take place during business hours: Town Manager’s office: 429-3302

For scheduling events that take place after business hours: Town Clerk’s office: 860-429-3336
For scheduling information please call....

Conference Room C
For scheduling events that take place during business hours: Board of Ed: 860-429-3350

For scheduling events that take place after business hours: Town Clerk’s office: 860-429-3302

Once we have figured out how we would do this, we could then try to rearrange the positioning of the photos and the explanations.  

PosiGen 2020-09-30 092251

This is the second one that we will be trying to work with for educational purposes, to see if it works and how we would display these.  

chromebook photo

covid19 test

This is the second way we could display the photo's and the artist information to give us a better idea of the person who created the piece and where they are from.  A small background on them or full bio.  We can also alter the text so that it has a distinguishing characteristic to the photo being displayed.    We can also continue to add a background color to make the text stand out even more if needed....for names or other information.  


This is to display another example of how to show a photo and then display various information regarding the artist and their work.  I am using this example to show the page with altering sides so that the art and descriptions are separated and easier to read than several listed in the exact same order on a page.  This gives the page a little more depth and is easier to follow.   It also allows for different sized images to flow better on the page.