Tax Exemptions for Veterans


Veterans must present their original DD214 discharge paper to the Town Clerk prior to October 1 in order to have the veteran's exemption applied to their tax bill for the following year. This is for new filers only.

  • If you have a service disability rating you may be entitled to a higher benefit exemption. Your disability ratings letter must be presented annually to the Assessor's Office (until the age of 65) in order to receive this exemption. Be sure to turn in your disability rating sheets to the Assessor's office in September to continue your benefits rating.
  • If you move, be sure to re-file with the Town Clerk in your new town.
  • Less than $30,500 for Singles
  • Less than$37,300 for Married Couples
  • Qualifying Income Limits:
  • Special tax reduction programs are available for low-income, blind, or disabled veterans. You must meet the income guidelines for all income, including social security, pension, interest, etc. Applications are available in the Assessor's office.

Military Discharges

For a list of qualifying service dates, please review the Time of War information.