Tax, Sale & Mill Rates

Tax, Sale & Mill Rates

Tax Program

The Town Assessor’s Office administers the Town’s property tax program in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes. On an annual basis, the Assessor’s Office compiles the Grand List of taxable and tax exempt property. This listing is composed of real estate, motor vehicles, and personal property owned or leased by town businesses.

The July 2020 Tax Bills are for the 2019 Grand List (covering the assessment year beginning October 1, 2019 through September 30, 2020), but are paid during the fiscal year running from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.

Tax Due Date

Taxes are due without penalty by August 3, 2020*. If you do not receive a tax bill on your property or motor vehicle by July 15, 2020 please call 860-429-3374. Adjustments to your motor vehicle tax bills may only be made with two proofs of disposal.

For additional information, please review the Motor Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).  

* Please see the Tax/Revenue Collections web page for information regarding Deferment Program for July 2020 Taxes.

Veteran Tax Information

Active Duty Veterans must annually submit their active duty orders or a Property Tax Exemption Application signed by their commander to the Assessor’s Office in order to receive Motor Vehicle benefits.


For recent sales information, please review the Grand Lists.

Mill Rate

The Mill Rate for the 2019 Grand List is 31.38.