For regular full-time, and part-time employees who work 20 hours or more per week the Town participates in the Connecticut Municipal Employees Retirement System or CMERS for short.  Both CMERS and ICMA are both external agencies to the Town.

Connecticut Municipal Employees Retirement System

CMERS is the public pension plan provided by the State of Connecticut for participating municipalities' employees, which the Town participates in.

An individual considering retirement should contact the Human Resources Department at least 2 months in advance of the intended retirement date.  HR will work with the employee intending to retire to process the necessary paperwork.

Retiring Employee Checklist

Below is a short summary checklist of the necessary documents (which are subject to change by CMERS).  All of these forms and their summaries can be found on the CMERS website and can be accessed in the CMERS Forms Repository.

  1. Application for MERS Retirement Benefits (Part A & B)
  2. Application for Disability Retirement (if applicable)
  3. MERS Income Payment Election Form
  4. W-4P Tax Withholding Form
  5. Direct Deposit Authorization Form
  6. Spousal Waiver and Martial Certification Form (if applicable)
Other Helpful Forms

CMERS provides other helpful forms on their website for members and retirees depending on their situation.  These forms can be found in the CMERS Forms Repository.  If any of the situations apply, please contact CMERS or use the CMERS Forms Repository to complete the proper forms.

  • Direct Deposit Authorization Form : Please complete this form if your bank details change on your previously completed direct deposit authorization form changes.
  • Change of Beneficiary Form: Please complete this form if you would like to change your beneficiary.  
  • Address Change Form: Please complete this form if you have moved since you completed your initial retirement documentation.