How do I apply for a Pistol Permit?

                               Town of Mansfield                          

Resident State Trooper’s Office, 4 South Eagleville Road, Mansfield, CT 06268

(860) 429-6024 Telephone    (860) 429-4090 Facsimile


Temporary State Pistol Permit

Applicant Instructions 

  1. To apply, you must be 21 years of age, a U.S. Citizen residing in Mansfield, and a suitable person (C.G.S. Title 29, Sec. 29-28).  Convicted felons cannot possess firearms and cannot obtain pistol permits.  Prison time, probation or a fine for a felony are considered a conviction.

  1. Fill out the DPS-799-C Pistol Permit Application form and one (1) fingerprint cards using BLACK INK.

  1. Have fingerprints taken at the State Police Barracks, Troop C 1320 Tolland Stage Road, Tolland. It will cost you $15.00 so be sure to have a check or money order with you.  Fingerprints are taken at 7:00am, 3:00pm and 11:00pm every day.  Do not be late.

  1. Obtain a letter or certificate from an NRA Certified Connecticut Firearms Safety Course Certificate.see Connecticut State Pistol Permit 

  1. Call the Mansfield Resident Trooper’s Office 860-429-3360 to schedule an appointment to drop off your complete application packet which includes (Appointment will be Thursday):

Completed DPS-799-C Pistol Permit Application 

One Green Applicant Fingerprint Cards

NRA Certificate

Birth Certificate (Passport is also acceptable)

Photo Identification (i.e. Driver’s License)

One check or money order for $13.25 payable to “Treasurer-State of CT” 

One check or money order for $75.00 payable to “Treasurer-State of CT

One check or money order for $70.00 payable to “Town of Mansfield

  1. We will contact you upon your clearance from the State Police Bureau of Identification.  If approved, you will be asked to come in for a brief meeting with Sgt. Keith Timme. 

  1. Upon completion of your interview you may be issued a temporary permit and it will be available to be picked up once signed by the Town Manager.

Note:    Your temporary pistol permit will be good for sixty (60) days.  It cannot be renewed.  You may obtain a long-term permit from the Connecticut State Police after your temporary permit is issued from Mansfield. 

            For additional information regarding your long-term permit from the State, please visit

If you have any questions about this application, you may call the Mansfield Resident Trooper’s Office at 860-429-3360 or 860-429-6024.

Our secretary office hours are as follows:

Monday – Wednesday          8:15-4:30   (Closed for an hour for lunch)

Thursday                                 8:15-6:15 

Friday                                       8:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.   

Follow link to application 

Pistol Permit Application

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