Suzuki Violin/Cello Program

ViolinThe Suzuki Strings Program offers violin and cello lessons for students in grades K-4.  these lessons follow the Suzuki Method, a well-known and successful approach for teaching young children with the encouragement and actual participation of one or both parents. Research has shown that children acquire musical talent and ability most easily before the age of 9.  Recent research also indicates that early instrumental training in classical music can actually boost the IQ scores of young children.

Children grades K-4 are eligible to enroll in the Suzuki program.  No previous musical experience is necessary for children or parents.  The only requirement for enrolling in the program is participation of a parent at lessons and group practices.  Parents will learn along with the child and will supervise home practice.  Children and parents enrolled in this program are expected to attend a 20-minute private lesson once a week and a group lesson about twice a month.  Private lessons are primarily scheduled before the school day, with limited times available during the school day.  Each child's classroom teacher must approve lesson times during the school day.  Scheduling is very difficult and your flexibility is greatly appreciated!  Group lessons are held on Saturday morning.

CelloTuition and fee information
The school system has budgeted a fixed amount of money to subsidize tuition fees for students.  The cost for all students is $200 per semester (due in September and January; $400 total for the entire school year).  All tuition fees are non-refundable once lessons have begun.

The lesson fee includes all groups and lessons, but does not cover the cost of buying or renting an instrument.  rental fees are about $15-$20 per month.

Students will be accepted into the program in the order that applications are received.  There is enough money and scheduled time for 40 violin students and 20 cello students.  Please be flexible in choosing an instrument, as violin always tends to be more popular than cello.  When the money runs out, any students not yet enrolled will be placed on a waiting list.  These students will be placed when an opening is available, or will be considered first for the following year.

How to enroll in the program
If you would like to enroll in the program, please fill out the tear-out form located at the front of the Mansfield Public Schools Parent Handbook and send it to your child's school as soon as possible.  To ensure your child's placement, make sure to attach a check made out to the TOWN OF MANSFIELD for $200.  Application forms without checks will not be considered.  Checks will not be cashed until after the student's first lesson.  Lessons will be scheduled over the first two weeks of school, and will begin by early October.  Checks from students not placed will be returned after the first week of lessons.

You may also download the application form here.

For more information, please contact the Suzuki Program coordinators:
Violin: Barbara Vaughan, or 860-429-0865
Cello: Sondra Boyer, or 860-487-5812