Mansfield PK-8 Phone/Video Conference Center
  • Welcome to the Conference Center! The Mansfield Schools provides phone conferencing and video conferencing for classrooms and staff to bring outside resources into our schools and to facilitate meetings.
  • If you need help in setting up a voice conference or a video conference, please contact your building IT staff.
  • You can schedule a voice (phone) conference without a video conference and many groups find this a quick and easy way to connect rather that a full blown voice and video conference.
  • The video conferencing system offers many advanced features beyong just showing a visual of the people you are talking to, such as document and desktop sharing. Most staff will need a little help and practice to use these features, but do not hesitate to ask for that help.
  • Here are the links and special phone numbers:

To connect to a Phone Conference please use the numbers below:

Internal VOIP Phones: Ext. 4844
Outside Lines: 860-429-4844

To connect to a Video Conference please use the link below:

(the video conference might also have a phone number for voice)