Mrs. Candace Morell

 Assistant  Principal




Welcome to Mansfield Middle School

We look forward to the start of a very positive school year for you and your family.  While the middle school years are a time of great change for your child, we hope that our experience with this developmental stage will help to make it a time of constructive learning and healthy development for your child.

Mansfield Middle School provides many opportunities for your child to become involved in a variety of healthy and engaging activities.  Over the course of the school year we provide many opportunities – through classes, X-Block offerings and after school activities – for our students to pursue interests and talents and to expand their experiences.  Whether you a new or returning MMS family we encourage you to take the time to discuss with your child some of the many possibilities for involvement at MMS this year.  Being involved at school helps students to develop more relationships and to feel more confident and connected here at MMS.

We also encourage you as a family to set up healthy habits for learning at home by establishing home routines that foster learning.  Create a quiet organized place to complete homework assignments.   Have your child pack their back pack the night before checking that they have all of the needed materials for the next day.  By completing this step in advance you will inevitably save yourself a trip to school the next day.  

As a school we strive to create a safe and comfortable place for your child to learn and grow.  We want each child to be an active participant in our school community.  In addition to our academic program we provide a variety of other enriching ways for your child to become involved at MMS.   MMS offers music ensembles, sports programs, enrichment programs as well as an extensive after school activities program.  We welcome all to participate.

Events to Look Forward to:

Mansfield Middle School Open House           Wednesday, September 19th 6:30PM

After School Activities begin Monday, September 17th

Photo Day: October 2nd

Middle School Education Week:

                     October 15th-19th