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If a human is bitten by a dog or bitten or scratched by a cat or wildlife, please seek immediate medical attention and contact your animal control facility.The most common signs of rabies are:

  • falling over
  • inability to move
  • walking as if drunk
  • aggressive behavior
  • foaming at the mouth

Every year in June, Mansfield Animal Control, in cooperation with NECTAR and East Brook Animal Hospital organizes a low cost rabies clinic for dogs and cats at the Eagleville Firehouse (intersection Rt 32/Rt275 in Mansfield). It will be held on a Saturday from 10-noon. The beginning of May we will post the date of the clinic on  the town’s website or call Mansfield Animal control.

Saturday 6/29/2019 Mansfield Animal Control/NECTAR will host their annual low cost rabies clinic at the Eagleville Fire house Rt 32/Rt 275 in Mansfield from 10-AM-12PM noon, $15 cash/check per vaccine. Please bring your current rabies certificate for a 3 year vaccine. Please have dogs on a leash and 1 cat per carrier. 2 free vaccines per household with proof of low income. On 6/29/19 the Mansfield Town Clerk’s office will be open from 11AM-12PM to sell dog licenses.