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All our shelter pets are fully vetted before they are adopted out. This includes a FIV and leukemia test for cats, a heartworm/lyme/ehrlichia/anaplasmosis test for dogs, spay or neuter, core vaccines, flea treatment and a Home Again microchip.

Adoption fees for cats range between $5 and $75 depending on the vet work the cat needed (see list above).

Adoption fees for dogs range between $5 and $85 depending on the vet work the dog needed (see list above).

The only exception are puppies and kittens too young for the spay/neuter surgery. These pets are adopted out with an animal population control program voucher that helps pay towards the spay/neuter/vaccines at a later time. The adoption fee will be $50.

Microchipping is very important and means a ticket back home once the pet gets lost or stolen. Mansfield Animal Control microchips and registers all our shelter pets free of charge as a courtesy of East Brook Animal Hospital, FOMAS, Inc. and Home Again.

Mansfield Animal Control uses an adoption application to make sure the pet and the new owner are a good match. A pet can be adopted once the application is approved.