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7/11/2019 - July 11, 2019: CT Author Trail at MPL

CT Author Trail at Mansfield
Author Jerry Freeman
Angels, Beggars and Castaway Things: A Forager's Journey Home
Thursday, July 11 @ 6:30 PM
Program Room
Mansfield Public Library

Jerry Freeman lives with his family on a 21th-century homestead in rural northeastern Connecticut. A lifelong meditator and meditation teacher, he writes about the ways ordinary life draws us deeper into connection with one another and with the universal ground of being.

Angels, Beggars and Castaway Things:  A Forager’s Journey Home is Jerry’s first book. He has written numerous essays about spiritual awakening and is nearing completion of his next book, The Enlightenment Puzzle:  A Practical Guide to Navigating the Truths and Fallacies About Awakening.

Ultimately, this is a book about compassion, about unity consciousness, about the deep interconnectedness of people and each other, of people and nature, of people and the cosmos.

In 202 pages and 143 delightful photos, Angels, Beggars and Castaway Things:  A Forager's Journey Home spans ten years of life in rural Connecticut and before that, in rural northern New York. Written in an effortlessly readable day-by-day journal style, it offers a rich assortment of observations, anecdotes, essays, insights and stories, which together paint a picture of deeply heartfelt affection amid a profoundly life-affirming journey.