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1/4/2017 - New Rental Housing Webpage


The Town of Mansfield is happy to announce the development of a brand new webpage dedicated to providing information about rental housing regulations. Visitors to the page are also provided with links to the comprehensive set of regulations Mansfield has adopted to mitigate the impacts associated with rental housing. The Town has also compiled extensive amounts of resources for both landlords and renters, as well as information specific to student renters.

As rental housing continues to play a significant role in Mansfield’s economic identity as does the need for clarity regarding the roles and responsibilities of both landlords and renters. The Town’s new rental housing website provides critical information regarding registration, inspections, occupancy, and associated town ordinances. It also provides additional links to important forms and documents as well as answers to some frequently asked questions regarding rental properties. If you still have questions, various contacts are listed on the page to further assist you.