Agriculture Committee

To slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, all Agriculture Committee meetings will be held as virtual meetings pursuant to Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 7B.  Information on how to view meetings in real time is included on meeting agendas, which are available in the Agenda Center.

Agenda, Minutes, and Meeting Packets

Stacey Stearns (Chair)
Diane Dorfer
Ed Hall
Chris Kueffner
Nancy Rawn
Terry Wollen

Melissa Tindall
Lori Trovato

For information about Agricultural Businesses in Mansfield download the Mansfield Grown Brochure.

Mansfield Agriculture Committee

CHARGE/DUTIES: The Agriculture Committee shall be an advisory board to the Town Council and other Town officials with the following charges and duties:


  • To foster agricultural viability and preservation of agricultural land in Mansfield.
  • To foster a healthy environment.
  • To serve as a conduit between local farmers and non-profit agencies, civic organizations, municipal boards and commissions, elected officials, and non-farm residents.
  • To advocate for agriculture before land use and other commissions.
  • To act as a resource for agricultural information.
  • To chart land use in Mansfield to support a balance between agriculture, preservation, and other land uses.
  • To promote keeping Town-owned farmland in agricultural production.  In addition, to ensure the responsible use of Town-owned farmland by monitoring use agreements between the Town and local farmers

 Education and Outreach

  • To increase awareness of agricultural enterprises in the community. 
  • To promote the value of viable agriculture to the Town in the areas of employment, property taxes, environment and farmland preservation.
  • To provide information and guidance on agriculture-related issues-such as zoning, inland wetland, public works and others - to town departments and other boards and commissions and residents as necessary.
  • To support young farmers by supporting local, regional, and state vocational agricultural education, and 4-H programs.
  • To recognize and support new farming operations.
  • To act as a sounding board and provide review to town departments, boards and commissions concerning the impact of proposed town policies on agricultural activities.

Economic Opportunities

  • To identify opportunities to preserve and expand agriculture in Mansfield.
  • To promote opportunities for residents and local businesses to support agriculture.
  • To provide information regarding available financial support related to agricultural viability.

MEMBERSHIP: The Agriculture Committee will consist of 6 regular voting members and 4 alternates appointed by the Town Council in accordance with A§192 of the Mansfield Code. Insofar as practical, members appointed shall be representative of all groups interested in the management, protection and regulation of agriculture as defined by Connecticut General Statutes l-lq, particularly those directly involved in agriculture. A chairman, vice chairman and a secretary will be elected and will serve for a term of one year.

LENGTH OF TERM: The appointments will be for three year terms.