Suzuki Program

 (Ages 4 and up)

Suzuki study is available for Violin and Guitar for students as young as age 4. The philosophy of Suzuki is to develop the whole child, nurture musical capacity, and provide adult interaction that contributes to the joy of making music. Principles include beginning lessons at an early age and parental/caregiver firsthand involvement in private lessons and home practice. The Suzuki Program requires one private lesson meeting each week, based on appropriate level of repertoire (Suzuki Books).

Lessons must be paid in full at registration and does not include instrument rental, books, or listening materials.

       During the current pandemic, only private Suzuki lessons are being offered.        Please fill out a Private Music Lesson Request form to get started!

Learn more about our certified Suzuki Instructors!

Suzuki Guitar Instructor, Catherine!

Suzuki Guitar Instructor, Jaclyn!

Suzuki Violin Instructor, Bobby!