Exercise Videos, Workouts and Links

Fall Fitness Classes

Silver Sneakers or Gentle Style Classes

Silver Sneakers members have an option to check out programs offered through their membership, known as Silver Sneakers on Demand. You will need to log in to view these programs with your Silver Sneakers membership number, but the programs are free. Or modifying some of the programs below. More are added daily. Link to On Demand

Pilates warmup with Margherita

Sit and Be Fit - a great chair based workout

Silver Sneakers Yoga

Morning Yoga Stretch

Virtual Forest Bathing Walk

4 practices for calm in troubled times - Breathing and Meditation

Strength Balancing Workout

Gardening Stretches

Balance Exercises

Back and Neck stretches (chair based)

Free online yoga classes

10 Minute do anywhere workout - page 1, page 2

Moderate to High Intensity

Dynamic Warmup

Kettlebell Basics

Kettlebell Swing

Alphabet Workout

Kettlebell overhead press

Cardio Barre with Donna

Bodyweight workout with Jerry

Precision Nutrition - Conditioning - Every Minute on the Minute

Adding Resistance to your workouts at home

Squat and Pushup workout - 3 variations-great for the whole family!  

Tabata Workout

Butts & Guts Workout

TRX Live and on Demand Classes

Precision Nutrition - Conditioning - Every Minute on the Minute

Cardio HIIT

Salsa Fit

Kickboxing with Keri

Bodyweight Exercises for Hikers

Bodyweight Workout from Precision Nutrition

Cinco de Mayo workout

Les Mills Free online classes

Mossa Free online classes

Monday Workout

Wednesday Workout

Do anywhere bodyweight workout

Training for backpacking or hiking

Specific Movement Instruction

Bird Dog exercise

Front Plank with 3 Variations

Bridge Exercise- Double and Single Leg Versions

Split squat versus lunge

Stepping in to fitness

Metabolic Stability Series

Walking Lunges

Safe Burpee

Turkish Get Up

Fun for Kids or the Kid in you

Hopping Fun

Squat and Pushup workout - 3 variations-great for the whole family!  

Dice Workout: Fun for everyone!
 Take a pair of dice and get ready to roll:  2=30 second plank, 3=30 seconds of bridge exercise 4=30 seconds of squats 5=30 seconds of pushups 6=30 seconds of single leg balance both legs 7=30 seconds of calf raises 8=30 seconds alternating front lunge 9=30 seconds bird dog exercise 10=30 seconds jumping jacks 11=30 seconds wall sit 12=30 seconds mountain climbers 

"Knee Soccer"

Indoor Volleyball

Plank Tic Tac Toe

Youth Basketball workout

Challenge to get kids moving in May

Soccer Ball Mastery

P.E. with Joe - 30 minute daily exercise for kids

Simon Says - Fitness Disguised as Fun

Youth Baseball and Softball workouts - page 1, page 2, page 3

Articles and Other Links

Article on Tips to keep or improve your fitness routine

Charity Miles - Resilience challenge

Virtual Forest Bathing Walk

Ergonomic tips for you and your kids working and learning from home 

April Fitness Facts Flyer - Fun tips for the whole family, healthy work at home ideas and a delicious recipe

Free online Yoga classes

Skin Cancer Awareness Information

May Fitness Facts Flyer

50 Reasons to Exercise

Virtual National Parks