North Eagleville - King Hill Road

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North Eagleville/King Hill Road, Town of Mansfield, CT - Opportunity Zone

The North Eagleville Road/King Hill Road area enjoys proximity to the main UConn campus including its location directly across from the planned UConn science quad (south side of King Hill Road). The Town has updated its zoning regulations to encourage high-density residential and commercial development in this area, with additional updates underway to address R&D and other commercial uses. With the construction of the new science quad, this area offers tremendous potential for collaboration between industry and UConn faculty and students.  


- Home to UConn, Connecticut's flagship university
- Skilled work force
- Sewer and water service
- Unique mix of urban and rural amenities


  1. General
  2. Utilities
  3. Demographics
  4. Assets
  5. Traffic Counts
  6. Labor Force

  • TOTAL ACRES: 5.26
  • ZONING: Planned Business 4 (PB-4)
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