UConn Depot Campus

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UConn's Fuel Cell on the Depot Campus in the Town of Mansfield, CT

The UConn Depot campus is the site of the former Mansfield Training School and Hospital, which closed in 1993. The property was transferred to the University at that time without appropriate resources to improve deteriorating building and site conditions.

Located at the western gateway to Mansfield, the Depot campus is two miles from the main UConn campus, includes 240 acres, and is connected by shuttle service. Less than half of the campus is used today and primarily for small programs and administrative or operational support functions. Portions of the campus – particularly lower and middle sections – are on the National Register of Historic Places as a state historic district with numerous contributing resources. While many buildings are dilapidated and uninhabitable, and most infrastructure would require repair or modernization, the Depot Campus could play a significant role in UConn’s future – driven by private developers interested in a planned, mixed-use community that supports the missions of both the University and the Town.


- Connecticut's flagship university
- Main campus is home to over 25,000 undergraduate and graduate students
- Ranks among the Top 25 public universities in the nation - U. S. News & World Report America's Best Colleges (2020)
- Next Generation Connecticut - $1.5 billion capital investment over 13 years includes construction, renovations, infrastructure, and equipment
- Bioscience Connecticut - $864 million investment in genomics and personalized medicine


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  • TOTAL ACRES: 240
  • ZONING: Master Plan for Mixed Use Development

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