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Plung into Fall

The Aquatics staff would like to welcome you to our swim program.



For Levels 4 or higher please check out our swim team page: Link

Swim lessons at our pools have returned! However, they will look a bit different. There will be some new swim lesson modifications to adhere to our state and local policies, which are described for you below. Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe in and around our pools. 

We will be offering the following programs this summer. Adult & Child Private Lessons, Stroke Clinics, Family Group Lessons and traditional Group Lessons with some adjustments.

The Mansfield Community Center offers the following:

Infant and Preschool Group Swim Lessons
School Aged Swim Lessons
Adult Group Swim Lessons (currently Postponed)
Private Lessons (All ages)

NEW! Family Group Lessons

Some General Rules:

  • We will adhere to the 6-foot social distancing guideline in and around the pool deck at all times.
  • All swimmers must wear a mask until going into the pool, and must put it back on after leaving the pool.
  • We ask that you do not bring additional spectators to the lesson if and when possible. Spectators that do come must wear a mask at all times on the pool deck and within the building, unless they are in the water.
  • We ask that only one parent/guardian accompany each child to swim lessons. We ask that all swimmers arrive in their swim suit for their swim lesson.
  • Please have your child rinse before coming onto the pool deck.
  • If your child wears goggles, we ask that they bring their own. 

NEW! Family Group Lessons

Family swim 11

We will be offering family group lessons. The whole family can come join in on the lesson. Price is per child and parents are free. You can have as many children in the lesson as long as all children reside in the same household. Children who cannot swim and need assistance must have a parent or guardian in the water. If you have multiple kids that need assistance, you might want to have another parent or guardian join in as well.


Swimming and Water Safety Program
The Mansfield Community Center is an authorized provider of the American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety Program. Learning to swim is a valuable life skill for people of all ages. It is never too late to learn how to swim!

Proper swim lesson placement is instrumental in providing a successful enjoyable swim lesson experience and in ensuring participant safety in the water! Browse our swim lesson level descriptions to find the appropriate level for your child.

Please read the new adjustments we have made to the program before registering. 

Group Lessons: Parent & Child, Preschools 1 & 2, Learn to Swim Levels 1-3: 

  • In order to adhere to the social distancing guidelines, the swim instructor will be teaching from the pool deck and will demonstrate in the water at a safe distance if needed for visual..
  • If you would like, you may bring your own goggles.
  • Please do not bring additional people to the lessons. Just the parent/guardian and child getting into the water. We have very limited deck space and are trying to enforce social distancing whenever possible.

The American Red Cross offers six comprehensive course levels that teach participants how to swim skillfully and be safe in and around the water. The prerequisite for each level is the successful demonstration of the skills from the preceding level.  Level 1 participants can begin at age 5, or at age 4 with approval from the Recreation Supervisor of the Aquatics Department. The ARC swim lesson program is designed for students to move from each level to the next at their own pace and progression level. Expect students may stay in the same level for multiple sessions. Each level of the Learn-to-Swim program includes appropriate information about basic water safety in addition to the skills outlined below:


Parent and Child Aquatics (Age 6 months-2 years)

Children will have fun in the water while being exposed to basic swimming skills through games, songs, and activities. Each child must be accompanied in the water with one adult.

Preschool Aquatics (Ages 3 and 4)

Purpose: Familiarize children to the aquatic environment

Water Adjustment I participants learn skills centering on water acclimation and water comfort which include:  water entry, blowing bubbles, floating on front and back, gliding on front and back and exploring independent movement with combined arm and leg movement. This level is great for very beginner swimmers and children with water fear or apprehension.

Water Adjustment II participants build and improve skills learned in Water Adjustment I. These skills include:  becoming more comfortable with submersion and putting the face in while swimming, reinforcing and building the floating and gliding skills introduced in Water Adjustment I, and moving independently farther and stronger with combined arm and leg movement. 


Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills

Purpose: Helps students feel comfortable in the water.

Level  1 participants learn to: Enter and exit the water safely, submerge nose, mouth and eyes, explore arm and hand movements, alternating and simultaneous leg and arm action on front and back, blow bubbles, bobbing 5 times, open eyes underwater and pick up submerged objects, float on front and back for five seconds, front and back glides with recovery for 2 body lengths, combined arm and leg swim on front and back, follow basic water safety rules and use a life jacket.


Level 2: Fundamental Aquatics Skills

Purpose: Gives students success with fundamental skills.

Level 2 participants learn to: Enter water by stepping or jumping from the side, exit water safely using ladder or side, fully submerge and hold breath, open eyes under water and pick up a submerged object, float on front and back for 15 seconds, tread water for 15 seconds, perform from and back glide with recovery, roll over from front to back, back to front, swim on front and back using combined strokes front and back, bobbing 10 times, rotary breathing, and swim or move in the water while wearing a life jacket.


Level 3: Stroke Development

Purpose: Builds on the skills in Level 2 through additional guided practice.

Level 3 participants learn to: Jump into deep water from the side, dive from kneeling or standing position, perform a survival float for 30 seconds, submerged and retrieve an object, bob with the head fully submerged 10 times, perform front and back glide using rotary breathing, tread water from one minute, perform freestyle 15 yards, perform elementary backstroke 15 yards, flutter, scissor, breaststroke and dolphin kicks, push off in streamlined position and begin kicking, change from horizontal to vertical position on front and back and reaching assist from deck.


Level 4: Stroke Improvement (currently not offered)

Purpose: Develops confidence in the skills learned and improves other aquatic skills

Level 4 participants learn to: Swim underwater, perform feet first surface dive, tread water with 2 different kicks for 1 minute, freestyle 25 yards, elementary backstroke 25 yards, backstroke 15 yards, breaststroke 15 yards, butterfly 15 yards, sidestroke 15 yards, push off in streamlined position and begin kicking, perform open turn on front/back using any stroke, use safe diving rules, perform a throwing assist and reaching assist and to recognize recreational water illness.

Adult & Private Lessons

 We will be opening up for private lessons again with limited times available. We will also only have a few instructors available to teach these lessons. Child must be able to swim independently Instructor will not be in water. Please inquire through email @ or call us @ 860-429-3015

SwimmingPrivate Lessons Fees: 

Member Private: $38 

Non Member Private: $44

Semi-Private Lessons (Max 2 kids)

Member Semi-Private: $55

Non Member Semi-Private: $66

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