Phone Directory & Contacts

Department Phone Email Lead Contact Additional
Animal Control 860-487-0137 Noranne Nielsen Contacts/Location/Hours
Assessor 860-429-3311 Rochelle Lambert Contacts/Location/Hours
Board of Educ. Members 860-429-3350 Kathleen Ward, Chair Contacts
Building Department 860-429-3324 Michael Ninteau Contacts/Location/Hours
Community Center 860-429-3015 Parks& Jay O'Keefe Contacts/Location/Hours
Downtown Partnership 860-429-2740 Cynthia Van Zelm Contacts/Location/Hours
Emergency Management 860-429-3328 Adam Libros Contacts/Location/Hours
Emergency Services 911 n/a n/a n/a
Facilities Management 860-429-3320 Allen Corson Contacts/Location/Hours
Finance 860-429-3345 Charmaine Bradshaw-Hill Contacts/Location/Hours
Fire/Ambulance 860-429-3323 Andrew Franklin Contacts/Location/Hours
Fire Marshal 860-429-3328 Adam Libros Contacts/Location/Hours
Goodwin Elem. School 860-429-6316 Peter Dart Contacts/Location/Hours
Health District 860-429-3325 Robert Miller Contacts/Location/Hours
Housing Authority 860-487-0693 Rebecca Fields Contacts/Location/Hours
Housing Inspection 860-487-4440 Michael Ninteau Contacts/Location/Hours
Human Resources 860-429-3336 Holly Schaefer Contacts/Location/Hours
Human Services 860-429-3315 Patricia Schneider Contacts/Location/Hours
Information Technology 860-429-3384 Jaime Russell Contacts/Location/Hours
Library 860-423-2501 Leslie McDonough Contacts/Location/Hours
Mansfield Middle School 860-429-9341 Candace Morell Contacts/Location/Hours
Parks & Recreation 860-429-3015 Parks& Jay O'Keefe Contacts/Location/Hours
Planning & Development 860-429-3330 Linda Painter Contacts/Location/Hours
Police 860-429-3357 Sgt. Timothy Merrill Contacts/Location/Hours
Public Works 860-429-3331 John Carrington Contacts/Location/Hours
Regional Sch. District 19 860-487-0877 Sharon Cournoyer Contacts/Location/Hours
Registrar of Voters 860-429-3368 n/a Contacts/Location/Hours
School District 860-429-3350 Kelly Lyman Contacts/Location/Hours
Senior Center 860-429-0262 Sarah Taylor Contacts/Location/Hours
Southeast Elem. School 860-423-2793 Lauren Rodriguez Contacts/Location/Hours
Tax/Revenue Collection 860-429-3307 Jerl Casey Contacts/Location/Hours
Town Clerk 860-429-3302 Sara-Ann Chaine Contacts/Location/Hours
Town Council Members 860-429-3336 Antonia Moran, Mayor Contacts
Town Manager 860-429-3336  Ryan Aylesworth Contacts/Location/Hours
Transfer Station (Landfill) 860-429-7189 John Carrington Contacts/Location/Hours
Trash/Recycling 860-429-3333 Ginny Walton Contacts/Location/Hours
Vinton Elem. School 860-429-3086 Mike Seal Contacts/Location/Hours
Windham Region Transit 860-456-2223 n/a Contacts/Location/Hours
Youth Services 860-429-3317 Katherine Bell Contacts/Location/Hours
Zoning Agent 860-429-3330 Linda Painter Contacts/Location/Hours